College Procedures


Our Central Location...

We are situated in the shopping capital of Australia, offering some of Australia's biggest shopping complexes as well as sophisticated, exclusive boutiques and a host of lively and popular markets. The city is serviced by an excellent transport system which easily copes with a feature-packed social and sporting calendar that has a large effect on how the Melbourne College of Hair and Beauty operates. We are located opposite the iconic Flinders Street Station, at the centre of Melbourne ensuring easy accessibility by train, tram or bus.

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... with nationally recognised training ...

The Melbourne College of Hair and Beauty delivers courses from the National Hairdressing Training Package and the National Beauty Training Package to students of all nationalities. It is accredited to the highest standards of both industry and government while offering flexible training options – shaping courses to fit students' lifestyles and ambitions.


... delivered in an ultra-modern learning environment ...

Students are taught the latest techniques in hair and beauty by expert instructors in intimate classes within an ultra-modern learning environment. Individual client workstations and treatment spaces enable the student to interact with the client on a one-to-one basis under supervision. Additional equipment is also provided by the College.



... providing you with all the resources you need ...

Students enrolled in the College have free access to the Melbourne City Library located at the rear of the College.


Library Resources

Each of the units of competency has their course notes and supporting information listed in our E-learning website. Students may access this after hours or during the working day, as required.

Each unit of study is accompanied by The MCHOB resource books. The book provides the student with current information related to the area of study and includes activities, assignment details and areas for Instructor comment and evaluation. Unit books must be completed as per the instructions specified. The cost of unit books is incorporated into the course fees. However, if the student should lose his or her unit book, it must be re-purchased at the student's expense.

In addition to these texts, there is an extensive library of text books, reference texts, industry documentation, DVDs and other audiovisual materials. We are also within 100 metres of a public library-Melbourne City Library : our student registration allows the students to work in the public library and refer and use the library resources.



... taught by highly qualified trainers ...

Students undertake competency based training where each student applies their knowledge as they progress so that they may emerge from the College as competent and proficient professionals. The students perform a wide range of hairdressing and beauty skills on members of the public in our realistic simulated hairdressing and beauty salon. The College provides you with extensive resources and fashion programs.


... complemented with involvement in shows, photo shoots & competitions ...

When you study at Melbourne College, you not only study hairdressing and beauty therapy (off-the-job and on-the-job) but you are also encouraged to get involved in activities relating to the hairdressing and beauty industry, such as hair shows, photography shoots, and hair competitions.

Mentored by a successful artistic team, there are significant opportunities for students to showcase their skills.

... giving you the highest quality training with a lifetime rewarding experience.