About Us

The Melbourne College of Hair & Beauty

The College has been operating since 1953 and has been providing high standard hair and beauty training for over 60 years.

As one of Melbourne’s longest running privately owned Registered Training Organization (RTO) in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy, the Melbourne College of Hair & Beauty offers a broad range of innovative courses from certificate II to Diploma level in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy. 

We aspire to delivering the highest standard of service to our students and are committed to the Vision, Mission, Goals and SUCCESS of its Students and Educators.  What we promise is what we deliver.  We always deliver products of exceptional quality that add value to all involved for the long term. We focus our attention on the Students successful outcome.

Our mission is To train and lift the students to a higher vision and standard enabling them to build their skills, performance and personality beyond their normal limitations and in the process emerge prepared to contribute productively, responsibly, and ethically.

We conduct nationally recognised Qualifications and are based on industry endorsed competency standards, assuring students vocational education and training, by delivering courses from the National Hairdressing Training Package and the National Beauty Training Package.

The Melbourne College of Hair & Beauty has flexible modes of training and can customize training and assessment to suit your needs.  Further pathways have been established for hairdressing & Beauty students wishing to continue their studies at higher levels.

CRICOS Details

CRICOS Provider Code: 02886G
Trading Name: Melbourne College of Hair and Beauty
Institution Name: Melbourne College of Hairdressing Beauty Therapy & Natural Medicine Pty. Ltd.
Institution Type: Private
Principal Executive Officer: Sandra Piva
Phone Number: (03) 9650 1056
Facsimile Number: (03) 9654 8573


What is CRICOS?

The requirements for providers of courses for international students are regulated by the ESOS Act. And providers are required to register their courses with DEEWR.

The State Office of Higher Education (OHE) and the Education Minister approve registrations before a code is given and the details recorded on the CRICOS register.

Providers and their agents are prohibited to promote a course to overseas students without a registration with CRICOS.


Melbourne is recognised as Australia's capital of fashion and fine dining. It houses famous local & international Hair and Beauty Companies and International Cuisines.
Melbourne offers a secure study environment for you. It has the largest number of restaurants per population than any other city, and is renowned as a city of world-class events, exceptional fashion, food & wine and a fabulous arts scene.

Melbourne hosts thousands of international students in Vocational, Trades and Tertiary Education every year. It is Home to some of the best shopping and nightlife in Australia, a non-stop program of film and food festivals, famous  dining, major sports events and art and musical extravaganzas, Melbourne is one of the most progressive and liveable cities in the world.

Visit www.melbourne.vic.gov.au for more information on the City of Melbourne, and www.visitvictoria.com.au  for details of holiday destinations around Melbourne.

Nationally Recognised Qualifications

Victorian Registration & Qualifications AuthorityThe qualifications and units of competence delivered by The Melbourne College of Hair and Beauty are nationally recognised where specified by a code and description, for example, SIB40110 Certificate IV in Beauty Services. We also offer training in the form of short courses that is not nationally recognised.

As a registered CRICOS/ESOS provider, Melbourne College of Hair and Beauty can enrol and provide nationally recognised training to overseas students who have Australian student visas.

Australian Council for Private Education and TrainingThe Australian Council for Private Education and Training [ “ACPET” ] is working to remove barriers that arise from Industry Licences and Regulations that differ between states. The preceding courses have National Government Accreditation and are delivered in accordance with the National Hairdressing Training Package and the National Beauty Training Package.


Youth Allowance / Austudy / Abstudy Approved.
All domestic applicants must be at least fifteen (15) years of age and international applicants must be over the age of eighteen (18).


Internationally Recognised

Our reputation in the hairdressing and beauty industry is recognised throughout the world. We have received numerous international and national awards and prizes.

Unique Training

Graduates from the Melbourne College not only benefit from our excellent reputation but also from the unique system of training that is offered to Melbourne College Students. Classes are small to maximise learning and we focus on hands on experience and personally supervised instruction.

Practical Experience Emphasised

Practical experience is essential for a student's success. At the Melbourne College we strive to incorporate as much practical experience into training as possible. Our graduates are highly sought after and finish the courses as capable and competent professionals.